Oct 23

Geek Actually Ep149 – Now That’s Parenting

Hosted by: David McVay, Josh Philpott & Richard Gray

This week on Geek Actually David, Josh and Richard take a look at the weird and wonderful world geeks. Stories include Virgin Galactic’s Spaceport, electric Deloreans, $150,000 turntables, real life levitation and holodecks, smell-o-vision and geek college courses. This plus a duet with Siri, weird food and our picks of the week. Enjoy.

Geek Actually is the fusion of the old Tech Actually and Geek Actually After Show podcasts. All the tech and geek goodness that you have come to expect from the old shows wrapped up and made easier to swallow as one simple, little, tasty podcast. DeltaKnight (AKA DAvid Murray) continues to supply us with some of the geekiest stories on the web.

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How are you supposed to kill dinosaurs with Nerf guns?

Well the DeLorean lives! Let’s get back to the….

Now this is parenting! NOT!

Can I tell you Iove being a geek and now everyone can do it, Geeky College Courses!

Move over Gene Roddenberry, here are real Holodecks.

We are living in Sci-Fi, 3M creates transparent solar film for windows.

Smell-o-Vision comes to your house via Smellit!

Virgin Galactic’s new Spaceport is now open.. I think I might have just geekgasmed a little.

You think you’re an audiophile? Do you have a $150,000 turntable? Thought not.

I have no idea how this works but it is so cool!
and now, let’s have hover boards please.

Weird Food

Think Geek has it all worked out for the Trekker baby!

And SnakeAUS wanted to share another one of his birthday cakes.

Just for the Coolness

Listener GeekBetty sent me this link for famous photos recreated in Lego.

…And to finish the show today, we have this fun duet with Siri. It’s not a person people.

Geek Picks of the Week

Every week David, Josh and Richard will give you their geek picks of the week, these could be anything from iPhone apps to a great sandwich recipe (more likely to be an app though).

This week Josh is loving Flipboard for his iPad, Richard is loving Batman: Arkham City and David wants you to gram Animoog for iPad.

As always this episode carries an explicit tag due to possible bad language.

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