May 31

Film Actually Ep089 – Men in Black 3

This week David, Josh & Richard review the long awaited sequel “Men in Black 3”. Plus What We’ve Been Watching and a brand new Lists of Five – Five Favourite Federal Officers. Film Actually is the official movie podcast of geekactually.com.

Hosts: David McVay, Josh Philpott & Richard Gray

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Your Show Notes:

What We’ve Been Watching:

A collection of other things we’ve been watching during the week including Josh’s Bargain Basement: Candyman.

Feature Film Review

‘Men in Black 3’ directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. It is written by Etan Cohen based on the Malibu Comic by Lowell Cunningham. It stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson, Michael Stuhlbarg, Jemaine Clement, Nicole Scherzinger, Michael Chernus, Alice Eve and Bill Hader.

Agent J travels in time to MIB’s early years in the 1960s, to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history. Source: IMDB

Spoiler Section: 00:34:57 – 00:38:52 – Fast forward this bit if you don’t want to hear spoilers.

Our Verdict: A good return to form after the not-so-good part 2. A shaky start but as soon as we hit the 60s the film hits its stride.

Watch the trailer here http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/meninblack3/

Lists of Five

This week our Lists of Five: Five Favourite Federal Officers. They are the law!
Just a reminder, because we never like to just make things easy on ourselves, our lists are not necessarily top five lists, they are more or a less a list of film recommendations within the theme of the list.

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We opened the show with a clip from “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas”.

We close the show with a track from the score to “Men in Black” by Danny Elfman.

Go see more movies, you don’t see enough movies and all of life’s questions are answered in the movies.

  • Just because the challenge of finding a better comic book movie was mentioned on the show.  I thought I’d respond with Watchmen.  Granted it is heavily close to the source material and riding on the power of that rather than giving us original content.  However as a film it has stronger character moments, better acting and better sound design.  It is a more intelligent film that leaves you thinking after you leave the cinema and has a superior opening sequence.  That said it isn’t a blockbuster in the same way as the Avengers.  Just my opinion. I love both but prefer Watchmen a lot more.

  • nice to hear this i was also looking for MIB3 …

  • saint aire

    PARKER POSEY has a great new film coming out June 19th “The Love Guide” Check out the trailer! http://bit.ly/MfjTfG THANKS!!

  • Angelica Smiley

     I cant wait to see this. I am super late. But another movie I cant wait to see is The Love Guide starring Parker Posey next week! She is hilariousssss!