Dec 19

Film Actually – The James Bond Special

FA-Bond-Special-Cover-ArtThe boys are back! David, Josh and Richard have returned to the world of film actually for an extended talk about James Bond and a review of SkyFall. Along the way they also discuss the Lucasfilm/Disney merger and Kevin Smith’s future film plans… Clerks 3 anyone? We also have a quick talk about what’s coming up next year in geek cinema.

Feature Review

Skyfall is directed by Sam Mendes and written by  Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan based on the characters by Ian Fleming. It stars Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Bérénice Marlohe, Ben Wishaw and Albert Finney.

Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her, bringing MI6 under attack.

Watch the trailer here: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/skyfall/

BEWARE: Spoiler Zone between 00:43:17 – 00:49:54. Avoid this section if you don’t want to know details about the film.

We also talk about the trailers for a couple of upcoming sci-fi films:


Pacific Rim

This episode carries an explicit tag due to infrequent coarse language.

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Music for this episode is Adele’s song Skyfall from Skyfall

  • Hi Guys, just catching up on the latest “old” episodes. One minor quibble with the Skyfall episode. Ola Rapace is Noomi Rapace’s ex-husband, not her brother. There are all sorts of lurid stories on Swedish websites about how he had to bulk up for a film role a few years ago (he’s naturally a tall, skinny fellow) and he took the fast route via steriods. Soon after, he went completely bezerk, expanding his pharmacological experimentation to include all sorts of drugs, and unfortunately, abusing Noomi. There’s one memorable story about the time he attempted to throw her off a penthouse balcony.

    So definitely an EX spouse (although I do hope Noomi went a little “Lisbeth Salander” on him before they split . . . :)

    Looking forward to the new shows!