Apr 15

Behind The Panels Issue 54 – The Death of Captain Marvel

Behind-the-Panels-Cover-iss54In this issue, Saga is banned and then not again raising the question: are there digital gatekeepers to sex in comics?  Meanwhile Man of Steel opens up the DC Cinematic Universe THEN all the latest headlines. PLUS what we’ve been reading this week, some new music and our Kick-Ass Pick of the Week: the classic The Death of Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin.

Our next Issue: An Iron Man 3 Special. The prequel comics and the new film in review.

Your Hosts: Richard Gray & David McVay

Vintage Clip of the Week

The Adventures of Captain Marvel Episode 1: “Curse of the Scorpion” (1941)

What We’ve Been Reading

Batman and Red Robin #19 (Richard)
Supurbia volume 2 (David)
Revisiting the first two X-Men movies (David)

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Saga #12 is banned briefly and digital gatekeeping in comics

News headlines:

This week’s News Headlines are brought to you by Mixmaster Mike’s remix of the Teen Titans Go! theme for the new series

– Man of Steel to open up DC Cinematic Universe, says Jeff Robinov, president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group.  Expect a big announcement about the future in the next few weeks!
– A sequel to the Dredd 3D movie has been teased by 2000AD…but in comic book form! Look for that in September.
– Marvel teases Age of Ultron U.C. for July, featuring something big, purple and hungry. We’re thinking Galactus: what about you?
– Marvel is also returning to the AvX universe (ugh), with What If? AvX #1 – 4 mini-series to be released weekly in July. But they are also cancelling Winter Soldier. A reboot is surely due?
– Also in July, look for a new Image series from Matt Fraction called Satellite Sam. Set in the 1950s, it promises “Sex! Death! Live TV!”
– Finally, this has been doing the rounds this week. Batman Begins was screened on ABC Family in the US, and this is their take on the plot.

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Matthew Pejkovic asks: “Hey, what is the best way to store away old comic books?”

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We end the show this week with Guns and Roses’ version of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”