Jun 19

Minute Review – The Hangover Part 3

hangover_part_3The Wolf Pack is back in this third, and hopefully last, chapter of the hugely successful series of raunchy comedies. This time the series comes full circle and the gang heads back to Las Vegas to find Mr. Chow so they can save their friend Doug from a mobster.

To say that the film feels like a retread of the previous two films would be an understatement. The Hangover was essentially a one joke film, a group of friends have a wild night that they can’t remember and then spend the whole film re-tracing their steps to find out what happened. How they have managed to milk this for three films is a mystery to me.

The Hangover Part 3 is not a terrible film, it’s just that it seems to have forgotten that it is supposed to be funny. The Hangover Part 3 works if they were trying to make a semi-decent action/thriller but it fails miserably as a comedy. After Due Date (which I hated, but that is a story for a different time) and now this film, it would seem that director Todd Phillips has forgotten what funny is.

Although much better than the second chapter, it isn’t even in the same league as the very funny and irreverent first film. This is a wait for DVD/Blu-Ray only, don’t waste your money or time at the cinema.