Apr 10

Geek Movie Club Ep12 – Two of Every Kind of Crap

GMC-ep12-Cover-ArtThis week the boys talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, spoilers and all… you have been warned. Also, David Letterman retires and Dave Longo gets to finally voice his opinions on Noah. Since the club is in session, the question is floated, which film has the boys more excited, X-Men: Days of Future Past or The Amazing Spider-Man 2? So much entertainment, it took 58 minutes to contain it. This is The Geek Movie Club, the podcast that has a new theme… just a reminder, this podcast is for mature (and immature) listeners!

David McVay, Richard Gray and David Longo host this chaotic mess of a show with a little help from guest host Nicholas McVay. If you have feedback for the show shoot an email to feedback@geekmovieclub.com or drop us a voice mail on Skype (user ID: geekactually), we would love to hear from you.

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  • Northy179

    Loved the show as always.

    While Captain America is quite possibly my least favourite marvel hero, i loved the movie too and I think they struck the perfect balance between telling a Captain America story and telling a marvel universe story.

    After seeing the trailers I wasn’t sure what I would be seeing, possibly even a “Dark Knight” like movie where it was great but Batman didn’t feel like the main character, not even in the spotlight.

    Each sub story played out well but the main stories and impressive action scenes the captain was centre stage and proving why he deserved to be centre stage. Great movie, looking forward to things to come.