Aug 11

Behind The Panels Issue 104 – Kick-Ass 3

Behind-the-Panels-iss104-Cover-ArtIn this issue, Warner blinks first and moves Batman v Superman. When asked for comment, Marvel said “On your left”. THEN Warner and DC announce 9 new dates for films based on DC Comics. Our favourite so is 27 July, 2018. ADDITIONALLY Joss Whedon wonders what to do now that he’s finished shooting Avengers: Age of Ultron. We’ve heard Ant-Man might need a hand keeping its schedule. ALSO it’s GeniusImperialStar LordRocket Raccoon and more in what we’ve been reading. PLUS our Kick-Ass Pick of the Week: Kick-Ass 3 by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr, with Special Guest panelist Larime Taylor, writer and artist of the Image Comics series A Voice in the Dark. This is Behind the Panels.

Next Week (105)Thanos: The Infinity Revelation (Marvel) by Jim Starlin

Hosted by Richard Gray, David McVay, Dave Longo and Larime Taylor

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