Dec 23

PPFt: Podcast Pillowfort Mini – Quick and Dirty Tips from Grammar Girl

PodcastPillowfortCoverArtWelcome to PPFt, your quick discussion about short podcasts. In this PPFt mini episode, we talk about Quick and Dirty tips with Grammar Girl.

There are 2 types of short podcasts: podcasts that have shorter versions of their episode normal shows, such as Pop Culture Happy Hour, Extra Hot Great, Radiolab) and those which are short to begin with like 2 Minute Time Lord, Quick and Dirty tips from Grammar Girl, and the Onion Radio News Weekly World Report.

Quick and Dirty tips from Grammar Girl, “Your friendly guide to the world of grammar, punctuation, usage, and fun developments in the English language”

So grab a short glass, and join us in the Pillowfort.

Your Hosts: Amy Barker and Richard Gray

For full show notes go to PodcastPillowfort.com