May 06

Behind The Panels One-Shot – The Mike Grell Interview

Behind-the-Panels-Generic-Cover-ArtWhile visiting Seattle this year, Richard took the opportunity to not only visit the Emerald City Comic-Con for the first time, but talk with legendary comic book artist and writer MIKE GRELL, creator of The Warlord and Jon Sable, Freelancer.

Of course, if you’ve read The History of Green Arrow, or are as big a fan as Richard, you’ll know that Mike Grell not only worked on the classic Green Lantern/Green Arrow run of the 1970s with Denny O’Neill, but reinvented the character as an urban hunter with The Longbow Hunters and the 80-issue series that followed it.

In this chat, we talk about those early days at DC Comics, the creation of The Warlord, Grell’s approach to writing human characters, the John Sable movie, his current projects such a Tarzan and much more.

We would like to thank Mike Grell for his time and generosity in chatting with us at Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle. You can find out more about him by visiting mikegrell.com.

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Music used in this episode includes samples from Blake Neely’s “Five Years” from the Arrow – Original Television Soundtrack: Season 1, and Joe Renzetti’s theme for the 1987 Sable TV series.