Jan 09

Nerd Corner Ep 19 – The Spoilerific Nerd Corner Force Awakens Discussion


In the first edition of Nerd Corner for 2016 (the year Ghostbusters 2 told us the world would end by the way) JD is once more joined by Old School Nate and newcomer “Cameron We Play D&D With.”

Unsurprisingly, just like every other podcast that exists, we’re talking Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens.

Included this week are some brief mentions of Hunger Games and Spectre, we make some sweeping generalisations about black characters, including Boba Fett. We go through a potentially apocryphal story about Harrison Fords initial audition, touch on Rachel The Ring In and her first viewing of the original trilogy (despite her absence from the show) and eventually go through most of the movie synopsis and pick it apart and wax lyrically. All this and a fun story that may have taken place on the set of Star Trek and not Star Wars.

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The Show: Nerd Corner Ep 19 – The Spoilerific Nerd Corner Force Awakens Discussion


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