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GeekActually.com is the brain child of David McVay and was launched onto the World Wide Web on July 2nd 2008. The site was originally intended as just a host for our podcasts but over the years it has become so much more, it really has taken on a life of it’s own. Geek Actually is dedicated to all things geeky but our primary focus has always been on movie geekdom. Our motto has always been “Film and Tech from a Geek’s Perspective” and although tech plays less and less of a role on the site, we still have regular video game reviews and some of the major tech issues are covered on the site.

On July 28th, 2008 the first Geek Actually Podcast was released, with David McVay and Jacob Oberman hosting the show, and although it has gone through a few format, and host, changes (see the About The Shows page) over the years it is still going strong. Our podcasts are audio shows, but since episode 41 (recorded on the of 27th of June 2009) most are recorded live on a live video stream (geekactually.com/live). We have produced six different shows (The Geek Actually Podcast, Platforms, Tech Actually, Film Actually, The Geek Actually After Show and the newly reformatted Geek Actually) and are currently in development of two new shows, but more on that at a later date. Our current line up is Film Actually, Film Actually News & Behind the Panels.

Our gaming show, Platforms, was so successful that the hosts Josh Philpott and Dave Kozicki spun it off into it’s own, rebranded, site rawDLC.com. And although Geek Actually no longer produces the gaming show we continue to wish Josh and Dave all the best with their own site and show (DLC Live).

Geek Actually has come a long way over the years and since our humble beginnings of obscurity. We are now listed on Total Films’ “600 Movie Blogs You Might Have Missed” and we are invited to media events on a fairly regular basis. Even though we have good relationships with the movie distribution companies and PR firms, we still remain fiercely independent and our opinions and reviews are fair and  un-biased.

Over the years we have had the chance to meet and talk with a lot of great people on the shows or in interviews, some of these include: J.J. Abrams (director of “Super 8”), Jaimie Alexander (star of “Thor”), Tom Hiddleston (star of “Thor”), Morgan Spurlock (director of “Super Size Me”), Chris Zylka (star of “Shark Night 3D”), Jonathan Teplitzky (director of “Burning Man”), Bojana Novakovic (star of “Burning Man”), Brad Bird (director of “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”), Simon Pegg (star of “Shaun of the Dead”), Hugh Jackman (star of “Real Steel”), Hollie McKay (Foxnews.com entertainment reporter) and Natali Morris (formerly Natali Del Conti) (CNet tech journalist).

Geek Actually is heading towards its fourth birthday and we hope that you continue to enjoy the site as we intend to be here for a long time to come and continue to bring you great content.

You can contact Geek Actually by visiting our Contact Us page.

About The Podcasts

Geek Actually began podcasting on July 28th 2008. In the beginning there was one show, simply called The Geek Actually Podcast. It was what is referred to as a mixed show because it contained film news and reviews, tech news and general geek stuff. Over the last two years it has morphed and changed as …

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Who’s Greta?

“Who is that computer generated girl who keeps showing up on the site?” This is a question that gets asked again and again. She is Greta T. Geek and she is the spokes-model for GeekActually.com (thank you to Robyn for her title). She is created by David McVay. David takes no credit for the original model or …

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