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Who’s Greta?

“Who is that computer generated girl who keeps showing up on the site?”

This is a question that gets asked again and again. She is Greta T. Geek and she is the spokes-model for GeekActually.com (thank you to Robyn for her title). She is created by David McVay. David takes no credit for the original model or textures (see below for credits) just her modifications and implementation on the site.

Every now and again you will see Greta turn up as a limited wallpaper or as a background image on the site when we really want to catch your attention.

We used to have regular wallpaper images of Greta here on the site but David decided that it was better if everything to do with Greta was a limited release, you know to maintain that mysterious woman thing.

As an example of Greta’s use, a wallpaper was released awhile ago in protest of the draconian internet censorship policies the Australian government wanted to put into effect. This wallpaper was heavily downloaded and we hope used on everyone’s computer screens. You can see a small sample of that wallpaper below.

So keep your eyes open, you never know when she will pop up.

Greta is created using Poser. The base figure is the Victoria 4.2 model by Daz3D and the character is a modified version of Lorena by Rhiannon. Her hair is Tequila by Valea. All of her settings, clothes and props are various items purchased (and sometimes modified) from Renderosity and Daz3D. All modifications and images created by David McVay.

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  • Stubby

    She could be the GeekActually Avatar instead of mascot. GeekAvatar….?

  • I like that Stubby.