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Sep 08

Star Wars : The Clone Wars Rocks!

A couple of days ago, my family and I went to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars and it was cool and a good beginning to a series (which starts in October on the Cartoon Network). It was good and I really enjoyed it. My mum liked it too and my dad also liked. If you listen to the …

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Aug 28

The Lego Batman: The Video Game Trailer

As promised on the netcast, here is the trailer. My dad pre-ordered the game so we will write review when we get it. NOTE: Hi Big Geek here, if there is anyone from Traveller’s Tales reading this, we would love an advance copy to review (hint hint).

Aug 17

Paddington Bear

A week ago my dad bought me a Paddington Bear DVD when I was sick and I haven’t stopped watching it. I am still sick and if you listened to the podcast you already know that. A few days ago I bought another Paddington DVD, it was called Paddington Bear Goes to the Movies and I …

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Jul 20

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

A few weeks a go me and my dad, the big geek, and my nana, Mirren, went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was cool and really good. My dad liked it, but not us much as me. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull isn’t as good as the first ones, but …

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Jul 18

Get Smart

On Tuesday me and the big geek went to see Get Smart at the movies and it was really good and it was funny. It’s a really good film and my dad liked it too. Go see Get Smart you will like it. Steve Carell makes a good Max and Anne Hathaway was good as …

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Jul 18

Lego Indiana Jones on Xbox 360 is cool!

Five weeks ago me and my dad (the big geek) bought Lego Indiana Jones and we thought it was good and very, very fun. It is a great game to play.  If you like Lego Star Wars you will like Lego Indiana Jones. And like Lego Star Wars you can play story mode or freeplay. Go buy it, you …

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