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Jun 15

Game Review: Duke Nukem Forever

Some legends never die, as the saying goes. And some legends you just wish would die. Then there’s those legends that keep promising they’ll come, and then they don’t, then a couple of years later they show you a trailer and get you all excited again, then they don’t come out and then, just when …

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May 04

Review: The Nintendo 3DS Round-Up

It’s been a few weeks since it’s initial launch and stock has become easier to find again after completely selling out on day one so I felt it was time for someone to give an overall summation of Nintendo’s new handheld fun-box, the Nintendo 3DS. The 3D concept is not new grounds to Nintendo. They …

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Mar 22

Game Review: Homefront

What is it with war games? Why do they sell like mad and build up hype with minimal advertising? It kind of sickens me that an average war game’s release will completely over shadow a decent one’s. Most of these war games are short on substance and tend to end within a few hours, yet …

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Mar 21

Game Review: Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 (Wii)

My I do love surprises. Recently a band I truly hated decided to start making really good music. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories totally blew away my expectations and now another game series has me utterly mesmerised. This time it’s the Cabela series of games who have just written the book on “how to one-up your …

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Mar 16

Game Review: Back To The Future: The Game (PS3)

The general rule of thumb with movie to video game tie-ins is to avoid like the plague, sterilize any areas they come into contact with and dispose of the offending product in a timely manner. Like all things, there are a few exceptions to this rule like “Spider-Man 2” and the original “Goldeneye” but they …

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Feb 27

Game Review: Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Wii)

Ok kids, drugs are bad. They are very very bad. Unless you are a video game developer, then they are very very good. The crazier your mind works when you make a game, the more twisted ideas that you will attempt and sometimes you can bring an original concept that will blow a gamer’s brain …

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