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Pirate Bay copyright test case begins

February 18, 2009 // No comments

A copyright test case involving one of the world’s biggest free file-sharing websites has started in Stockholm. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Go to Source

Belkin apologises for paid online reviews

January 22, 2009 // No comments

An electronics company says it is investigating one of its employees for offering to pay for positive online reviews of its products. Source: Sydney Morning
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Internet filter may spark ‘adult-shop explosion’

January 22, 2009 // No comments

This is a little late but I have been offline :-) Just a little follow up to the Clean Feed issue that we have talked
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Australian court serves documents via Facebook

December 13, 2008 // No comments

The big question about Facebook is does it have any valuable commercial application? Well it seems that the courts have found one.

Today in what
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Google’s Chrome browser graduates from beta mode

December 13, 2008 // No comments

Google is shifting its web browser out of test mode just 100 days after its debut. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Go to Source

What’s so great about Macs?

December 10, 2008 // No comments


On this weeks podcast we ran out of time to talk about this article from The Sydney Morning Herald, but it was interesting to
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Apple fends off iTunes interlopers

December 5, 2008 // No comments

Apple stands accused of unfairly blocking rival software makers who want to sell music for its iPhone. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Go to Source

Police bust major film and TV piracy operation

December 4, 2008 // No comments

Police charge two men with facilitating the illegal download of the equivalent of over 14 million movies and TV programs via a video sharing website.
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Know your viruses

December 2, 2008 // No comments

This is so true.

With millions of new users signing up to the internet every day, there is am endless supply of naive and greedy
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Vodafone offers $0 laptop plans

November 28, 2008 // No comments

This was a pretty neat little article in the Sydney Morning Herald. Also, if you go to the Dell site you could win a computer.

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