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Feb 18

Pirate Bay copyright test case begins

A copyright test case involving one of the world’s biggest free file-sharing websites has started in Stockholm. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Go to Source

Jan 22

Belkin apologises for paid online reviews

An electronics company says it is investigating one of its employees for offering to pay for positive online reviews of its products. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Go to Source

Jan 22

Internet filter may spark ‘adult-shop explosion’

This is a little late but I have been offline :-) Just a little follow up to the Clean Feed issue that we have talked about on the podcast. Sex shops will inundate the country if the Federal Government filters internet pornography, an industry expert has warned. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Go to Source

Dec 13

Australian court serves documents via Facebook

The big question about Facebook is does it have any valuable commercial application? Well it seems that the courts have found one. Today in what appears to be a first in Australia and perhaps the world, Master Harper of the ACT Supreme Court ordered that a default judgement could be served on defendants by notification …

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Dec 13

Google’s Chrome browser graduates from beta mode

Google is shifting its web browser out of test mode just 100 days after its debut. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Go to Source

Dec 10

What’s so great about Macs?

  On this weeks podcast we ran out of time to talk about this article from The Sydney Morning Herald, but it was interesting to all the Apple people out there. Read the full article at the link below. Everyone has a different story for what got them hooked. Maybe it was the sonorous chord …

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