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Apple fends off iTunes interlopers

Apple stands accused of unfairly blocking rival software makers who want to sell music for its iPhone. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Go to Source

Police bust major film and TV piracy operation

Police charge two men with facilitating the illegal download of the equivalent of over 14 million movies and TV programs via a video sharing website. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Go to Source

Know your viruses

This is so true. With millions of new users signing up to the internet every day, there is am endless supply of naive and greedy people to be scammed. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Go to Source

Vodafone offers $0 laptop plans

This was a pretty neat little article in the Sydney Morning Herald. Also, if you go to the Dell site you could win a computer. Dell and Vodafone take a leaf out of the mobile phone handbook and offer $0 netbook computers on a 5GB wireless broadband plan. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Go to Source

Obama wants to hang on to his BlackBerry

Adding on to a previous conversation on the podcast, I found this article in The Sydney Morning Herald. Click the link at the bottom to read the full article. US president-elect Barack Obama is trying to work out how he can hang on to his beloved BlackBerry once he moved into to the Oval Office …

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Police hire private spies to snoop online

Makes me wonder if they are watching my site because of the anti-internet censorship campaign I am trying to start :-) The internet communications and websites of anti-war campaigners, environmentalists, animal rights activists and other protest groups are being secretly monitored by state and federal agencies. Source: Sydney Morning Herald Go to Source