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The Damon Legacy – A Bourne Parody

August 9, 2012 // No comments

This is a pretty funny parody of The Bourne Legacy trailer, We played the audio of it on the last Film Actually News show and
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Super Bowl Ad: Volkswagen

February 3, 2011 // No comments

Here is another early Super Bowl ad, this one is for Volkswagen. This is so cute! I can’t wait for the game, not for the
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Lipton Brisk Machete Commercial – Brilliant!

January 6, 2011 // 1 comment

Sometimes I feel very isolated down here in the land of Oz, we sometimes miss the really clever stuff. Lipton has a brand of Ice
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What if Mark Zuckerberg had made his own version of The Social Network?

September 30, 2010 // No comments

This was put up over at Babelgum and it shows us what would’ve happened if Mark Zuckerberg had made the film ‘The
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The Geek Actually 100th Episode Video Clips

September 21, 2010 // No comments

During the 100th episode special we played a few video clips for our live viewers. For our audio listeners I have embedded those clips below
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College Humor Skewers M. Night Shyamalan – Funny Stuff!

September 11, 2010 // No comments

You have to check this out, a few months back we posted College Humors roasting of Tim Burton and now they have completely nailed M.
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Funny Stuff: An 8 year old explains The Expendables

August 23, 2010 // 1 comment

This is absolute gold, College Humor has just posted this video of an 8 year old explaining what The Expendables is about. Just watch and
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The Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice Ads – Brilliance!!!

July 11, 2010 // 2 comments

On this weeks Geek Actually Podcast (ep 92) we discussed this brilliant ad campaign for Old Spice. We showed the videos and raved about
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Video: Is This The World’s Largest Hamburger?

June 12, 2010 // No comments

Here is the video that we showed on this weeks episode of the podcast. That is one big burger.

Geek Scoop: Is This The World’s Largest Hamburger?

June 6, 2010 // 4 comments

You’re going to read about this in the paper tomorrow and probably see it on Channel 9 news tonight but I was there too
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