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Mar 22

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

There is a very fine line you walk when making a superhero show, it is really easy to slip into camp and silly. Christopher Nolan (“Batman Begins” & “The Dark Knight”) and Jon Favreau (“Iron Man” & “Iron Man 2”) got it right, Joel Schumacher (“Batman Forever” & “Batman & Robin”) did not. When you …

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Feb 08

Is General Zod in Superman: The Man of Steel?

In an earlier post we discussed the short list for Lois Lane (read it here) and then we discussed Kristen Stewart’s departure from the the running (read it here) as Lois. On this weeks Film Actually (episode 118) we discussed another female casting rumour. A new short list showed up on First Showing but they …

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Feb 02

Henry Cavill as Superman – Really?

Okay so this news broke a few days ago and I have been sitting in stunned silence since then, Henry Cavill is signed to play Superman/Clark Kent in Zach Snyder’s new Superman movie produced by Christopher Nolan and written by David Goyer. Why? I’ve seen The Tudors and it is a good show and Henry …

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Jan 29

Opinion: New World Cinema?

If you haven’t read Dave’s article on Kevin Smith’s Red State (link here) then stop now and watch the attached video. It covers a lot of what this piece is about. The world of cinema has changed a great deal in the last 50 years. Writers and directors once thought to be the dregs of …

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Jan 25

Kevin Smith Announces His Distribution Plans for Red State

There is a lot of hate aimed at Kevin Smith at the moment and I am not entirely sure why. Okay I understand why distribution companies and movie studios might be a little pissed, let’s face it they don’t like it when you rock the boat or threaten their income flows. Okay, I could even …

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Oct 20

The Nokia N8 Australian Launch Event

Yesterday Josh and I attended the Nokia Launch event for the new N8, Nokia’s new flagship product. Before we go on I have to stress that this is not a full review for the phone itself as I am currently testing the phone and I will post the full review of the handset in a …

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