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Sep 07

Julia Gillard Returned as Prime Minister of Australia

Finally, after 17 days of negotiations, the Labor party has been returned (with the help of the Greens and independents) to government. Prime Minister Julia Gillard can finally get back to work and we will get the National Broadband Network that all of us geeks want. Interesting to note that because it is a minority …

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Jun 24

Australia gets it’s first female Prime Minister – Julia Gillard

In quite a shocking turn of events over the last couple of days Kevin Rudd just stood down as the Australian Prime Minister and his deputy PM Julia Gillard is expected to take up the job. Kevin Rudd really demonstrated that saying, “a candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long” as he …

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May 13

A Strong Turn Out By Gamers May Have Hurt the R18+ Rating Campaign – WTF!

Only in our strange weird world can a strong turn out in support of something cause it to fail! Okay, fail is a harsh word, but the discussion on the introduction of an R18+ Rating for games seems to have stalled. According to Federal Homes Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor, more than 86% of the submissions …

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May 10

Kevin Rudd May Shelve Internet Censorship

For over a year we have been harping on about The Australian Internet Censorship Filter, and finally there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Australian newspaper reported last week that The Rudd Government is sitting on the policy for the moment and would not introduce the policy in this month’s or June’s …

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May 07

Australian Attorneys-General Start Meeting Today

Everyone cross your fingers and hope for the best, the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General┬ámeeting starts today. This is the gathering of all the state’s Attorneys-General in Australia where the work out policies etc., it is also the meeting that decides on the R18+ rating for games. We are off to a roaring start however with …

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May 03

The PM Discovers the Hazards of Social Networking

According to (on May 1st) Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been having a bit of a PR problem when it was discovered that he is following porn on his Twitter account. A little embarrassing for the PM, especially considering his stance on Internet Censorship, but actually quite innocent. The PM’s Twitter account basically does …

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