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May 03

Is the Australian Internet Filter in Trouble?

I was reading the feeds today and I can across this article on (dated April 30th) and I find it interesting that more hasn’t been made of it. Basically it is wondering why an official policy on the Internet Censorship Filter hasn’t been introduced into Parliament yet and was speculating if the much hyped …

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Mar 21

Michael Atkinson falls on his own sword and resigns from the front bench

Many weeks ago on a Geek Actually Podcast episode I said that we needed patience and sooner or later Michael Atkinson, the South Australian Attorney-General, would either be voted out or give up the fight. I was ridiculed by the chat room, they said that he was in a safe seat and he would be …

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Mar 20

Google is leaving China in April

Well, we have been covering this for a few weeks on Geek Actually Tech and now it would seem that it is official, Google is leaving China. On last weeks show we reported that Google was about 99.9% sure it was going to leave china and now the Chinese media has made an announcement that …

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Mar 09

Michael Atkinson – Are you Friggin’ Kidding?!?!?

Okay, I know South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson doesn’t like video games and is the main opposition to the introduction of an R18+ rating for games, even though evidence would say that the people of Australia want this rating (you are still an elected representative of the people aren’t you Mr. Atkinson?). But this …

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Dec 15

An R18+ Rating for Games Could Be Possible in Australia

Finally some good news on the censorship issues in Australia. A discussion paper has been released by The Federal Attorney-General’s department (it was supposed to come out 6 months ago) that will allow the public to have their say on the issue of an R18+ rating for games. The discussion paper, which can be read …

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Dec 04

There is Hope in Politics – The Australian Sex Party

I have just been made aware of a new political party here in Australia, The Australian Sex Party. They are running candidates in the two bi-elections tomorrow and I really think all the geeks, gamers and liberally minded folks out there need to take a look before casting your vote tomorrow. You can find out …

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