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Mar 04

Geek Flick: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

As I have said before in the Geek review for “Friday the 13th” (link) the world has become a lot more desensitized as years have passed. What would have terrified a child in the 90s is now regular viewing in some households, and films that would have genuinely scared us are now used for light …

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Feb 03

Geek Flick: Under Siege (1992)

Weren’t the 80s – 90s a cool time for action films? It was a period where excess was an unwritten rule. CG was still barely in use meaning car crashes and explosions were usually real, action stars were damn near superhuman and the word “terrorist” was used to remove any wrong feeling from shooting people. …

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Dec 01

Geek Flicks: Friday the 13th (1980)

I want to take you back for a moment. Past the violent blood filled kill-fests we call “gorno”, back past the era of the endless horror sequels, to a time where shoulder pads and frizzy hair are just about to become cool, disco was dead and the film ‘Can’t Stop The Music’ was the thing …

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