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May 16

Hollywood Remakes – Archived

I have discontinued updating the remakes page and have moved it here as a post just for historical reference. The Remake Insanity Filmmakers have been remaking films for years, but over the last few it seems to have reached ridiculous levels. I am not actually against all remakes. I want to make that very clear. …

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Aug 28

Scientists Use Google Earth to Watch Cows

Okay, this is¬†fascinating in a geek kind of way. Scientists have used Google Earth to watch grazing cows and have made an astonishing discovery, cows are basically compasses. (Follow the link for the full story) reports that scientists¬†used Google Earth software to study the alignment of 8510 cows in 308 pastures around the world …

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Aug 16

Who’s That Girl?

With the release of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” on DVD only 5 days away, (I visited Blockbuster earlier this evening) it has made me think about this issue again. Who is the girl on the poster? I have included a picture of the poster and a picture of Kristen Bell (that is who it is supposed …

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Jul 31

Angelina Jolie wants to play Catwoman

According to, Angelina Jolie is said to be in final negotiations to play Catwoman! It is not known at this time whether this is for a new spin off movie (bad idea, can we say Halle Berry anyone) or as a nemesis for Christian Bale in the new franchise (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). …

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Jul 13

The Hulk’s CGI Finally Gets Upgraded!

Found this article and thought it was interesting. Here is the article as written: I ran across a new TV spot today and noticed some freshly upgraded CGI. Not that this wasn’t expected, but there are some enormous differences between now and two months ago. Care to take a look? read more | digg story

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