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Jul 18

Thomas Jayne is The Punisher Again in New Fan Film

After three feature films I was convinced that The Punisher was just not doable on film. I was wrong. At this years Comic-Con Thomas Jayne (reprising his performance as Frank Castle), Ron Perlman (Hellboy 1 & 2) and director Phil Joanou (State of Grace, Final Analysis) presented, for the fans, their little fan film called …

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Jan 21


It has been a long time coming but Nicholas “The Little Geek” McVay’s (yes, he is my son) Batman fan film “Smile” is finally here. This is what Nicholas wrote on his YouTube channel: “Smile” There have been countless murders in Gotham city of many people including the deputy mayor Clyde and the one and …

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Sep 04

Fan Film – Portal: No Escape

We here at Geek Actually do love a well made fan film and “Portal: No Escape” is one of the best I’ve seen. We listed 10 of our favourites some time ago (look here) and I think this one has just shot to the top of the list. Dan Trachtenberg, one of the hosts of …

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Jul 28

Video: Exile Vilify (A Lego Portal 2 Music Video)

When I was looking around on YouTube a few days ago I came across an interesting Lego animated film called “Exile Vilify”. It was about the Portal games and it went through how Aperture Science was started and how GLaDOS was created and it was all animated in Lego. The video was made for a …

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Jun 02

Video: The X-Men First Class Experience

It’s here! “X-Men First Class” opens today across the country and to get you in the mood we were sent this great little video to share. The deck of the U.S.S. Intrepid in New York played host to the Xavier Academy to give people the X-Men Experience. Wind Tunnels, obstacle courses and tesla coils were …

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Mar 11

Short Film: The Technical Hitch

It has been a little quiet around here for a couple of days, apologies. But DeltaKnight (our Geek Actually podcast researcher) is here to save the day. He sent this through with the links for this Saturday’s show and it is a little long for the show, but I loved it so much I had …

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