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Oct 04

DC Heroes Month on Blu-ray – Part 3: Gotham Season 1 (Giveaway)

Bring Your DC Heroes Home This September!! It is finally time for the third and final piece in this gigantic triple DVD/Blu-ray release. And for this one we have a giveaway! Read the bottom of the post for your chance to #BringYourDCHeroesHome. We love our superheroes on the big and small screen! Well our good friends …

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Sep 23

DC Heroes Month on Blu-ray – Part 2: Arrow Season 3

Bring Your DC Heroes Home This September!! Well, here is the second in the DC Superheroes on Blu-ray for September. This time we bring you Arrow Season 3. For this part we are also going to treat you to something kind of fun. Roadshow Home Entertainment have done something a little different & exciting for fans on …

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Sep 21

DC Heroes Month on Blu-ray – Part 1: The Flash Season 1

Bring Your DC Heroes Home This September!! We here at Geek Actually love our comic book superheroes. We had a whole show dedicated to it (look for Vol 2 of Behind The Panels next year) and we spend an awful lot of time talking about them on The Geek Actually Podcast as well. We also …

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Oct 11

GEEKS UNITE: Giant Warehouse 13/Eureka Cross Over Event in Australia – UPDATED

Are you an Australian television fan of either “Warehouse 13” or “Eureka” this is the event for you. The Hub productions is hosting a massive cross over convention called “A Warehouse in Eureka” in Melbourne and Sydney in October for fans of those two shows. So if you are a fan and want to meet …

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Aug 10

Behind the Scenes Video of Game of Thrones Shows Just How Effects Heavy The Show Is

It is no secret around here, that I am a huge “Game of Thrones” fan. So, I was thrilled to find this video that showed a behind-the-scenes look at the visual effects of the TV show. I don’t think it surprises any of us that “Game of Thrones” has so many visual effects, is just …

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May 17

The First Look Trailer For The New Series Terra Nova

I have mixed feelings for this trailer, I love the talent involved and I love Steven Spielberg but I can’t shake the sensation that I have seen it all before. It has a family going back in time on a on a big adventure to a prehistoric land. It all looks a little like “The …

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