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Apr 25

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Preview Footage Reviewed & A New Trailer Too

Film Actually Co-Host Josh Philpott recently got invited to an exclusive screening of some footage from the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retailiation. Here are his thoughts on that footage and as a bonus you can see the brand new trailer and the new character posters for the film.¬† When you see a lot of films like …

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Apr 03


Let me say up front that I am not a fan of Mark Wahlberg but this looks pretty bloody funny. Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, brings his unique sense of humour to the big screen with Ted, a comedy about a man and his walking talking teddy bear. Warning, this trailer is Not Safe …

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Apr 03

Total Recall

I have to say the first trailer for the remake of Total Recall has me a little excited. It has flying cars, a big dystopian sci-fi back drop, kick ass action scenes and, did I mention, flying cars! I am a bit of a fan of director Len Wiseman, I really liked the Underworld series …

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Mar 01

Marvel’s The Avengers (Trailer 2)

Whoa! Holy crap what did I just watch??!??! Yesterday the new poster and now this, quite possibly, the most awesome trailer yet for the Marvel Studios super team up film “Marvel’s The Avengers”. This is a must see trailer if you are at all on the fence about this film. There is little I can …

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Feb 29

Prometheus Viral Video – Peter Weyland at TED 2023

Okay, this is awesome! Our friends over at Fox Australia just alerted me to this video and it is well worth having a look at. The video is a viral piece of marketing for Ridley Scott’s upcoming “Prometheus” that shows Peter Weyland giving a TED talk in 2023 which basically starts the ball rolling for …

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Feb 28

TRAILER: The 25th Reich

Well it looks like 2012 is shaping up to be the year of the space Nazi. First there was “Iron Sky” coming out of Finland and now Australian filmmaker¬†Stephen Amis has launched the first trailer for “The 25th Reich”, a new special effects heavy genre mash-up based on the novella, “50,000 Years Until Tomorrow” by …

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