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Jul 31

Film Actually Ep101 – Hercules and Snowpiercer

Podcast: Play in new window | Download We’re Back Bitches!!!! This week Hollywood Sequalises, remakes or prequels everything, Kevin Smith releases a trailer for Tusk, Josh re-enters the Bargain Basement and we have a pair of film reviews, Brett Ratner’s Hercules and Snowpiercer. Film Actually is the official movie podcast of Hosts: David McVay, Josh Philpott, …

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Jul 29

Behind The Panels Issue 102 – Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this issue, Comixology releases its comics from the shackles of digital rights management, and there was much rejoicing. THEN Ultron gets angrier, Tyler Durden is back, lots more Guardians of the Galaxy on the way and Saga wins everything at the Eisners. ALSO Groo gets incredibly meta, Year Zero finally ends …

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Jul 22

Behind The Panels Issue 101 – Fables: Legends in Exile and Animal Farm

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this issue, Thor becomes a Disney princess. Still not as strange as the time he was a frog, or when Loki gave birth to a horse. ALSO a new Captain America, Iron Man goes silver, Marvel Studios announce film dates until 2019 and Quantum & Woody leads the Harvey …

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Jul 18

Geek Movie Club Ep18 – Robots Full of Dairy Goodness

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this episode David finally gets a gavel sound effect, Longo tells us his opinions on Transformers: Age of Extinction and introduces us to Nathan For You, Richard is still watching Doctor Who and David finally watched Life of Pi. Also, while Richard and David were in Melbourne …

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Jul 14

Behind The Panels Issue 100 – A Diamond Celebration

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this issue, we celebrate saying “in this issue” for the 100th time. THEN we report back live(ish) from Oz Comic-Con with an exclusive interview with Wolfgang Bylsma, Editor of Gestalt Publishing. AND David and Richard have seen 17 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy. Oh we won’t tell …

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Jun 30

Behind the Panels Issue 99 – Scalped Volume 1: Indian Country

Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this issue, Marvel’s Civil War begins for real in New York as superheroes are forced to register. THEN Scarlet Johannsen wraps her legs around an electric Hog. ALSO it’s the new Saga, Trees, John Romita Jr joining Superman and more in what we’ve been reading. PLUS our 99th Kick Ass Pick …

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