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Oct 07

Geek Movie Club Ep00 – Leather Jogging Pants

This week we launch a new show… kinda. This pilot episode of “The Geek Movie Club” is here for your feedback. With your help we hope to craft this new movie and entertainment style show into the finest and hopefully funniest show on the web. We had a lot of fun recording it and the …

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Sep 29

Behind the Panels One-Shot – The Larime Taylor Interview

This week, Richard and David had the opportunity to chat with California-based writer/artist Larime Taylor, creator of the upcoming ongoing comic series, A Voice in the Dark. The thriller is mixed with a hefty dose of inky black comedy, described by Terry Moore as “Strangers in Paradise meets Dexter“.  Already a Kickstarter success, the new series offers a chance to …

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Jul 16

Behind the Panels One-Shot – The Phil Jimenez Interview

Phil Jimenez is a writer/artist best known for his work on Wonder Woman from 2003-2006, and his collaborations with Grant Morrison on New X-Men and The Invisibles. In addition to his own creator-owned work on Otherworld for Vertigo, Phil was one of the artists on Infinite Crisis, and has more recently contributed to Fairest. Phil was in Australia at Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne on 6 and …

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Jul 02

Behind The Panels One-Shot – The Justin Randall Interview

This week, Richard had the opportunity to chat with Australian writer and artist Justin Randall, the creator of the Aurealis Award-winning Changing Ways from Gestalt Comics. In addition to his creator-owned graphic novels, Justin has worked with IDW and Image Comics with art for 30 Days of Night: Eben and Stella, Silent Hill and contributions to anthologies Popbot, 24Seven, Character Sketches and Flinch. Justin is currently …

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Jun 18

Behind The Panels One-Shot – The Nicola Scott Interview

This week, Richard and David had the opportunity to chat with Nicola Scott, the Australia artist best known for her work with DC Comics and Gail Simone on Birds of Prey and Secret Six. She has worked on several titles within the New 52, including Superman with George Pérez. Nicola is currently working on Earth 2 with James Robinson. Nicola chats about the challenges and …

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Jun 11

Behind The Panels One-Shot – The Christian Read Interview

This week, Richard and David had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Christian Read, the Australia writer of the new novel from Gestalt, Black City. He’s perhaps best known in the comics world for his mystical Western graphic novel The Eldritch Kid: Whiskey & Hate with artist Michael Maier. Christian chats about the Australian comic book industry, …

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