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May 02

For the Love of the Game Episode 6 – Resident Evil-ity and the Survival Horrors That Come With It

The survival horror genre has been thrown around a fair bit over this last generation of video gaming and it’s interesting to see how far it has moved from the initial concept but one name will always arise when breaching the subject with the fans: Resident Evil. Known as Bio Hazard in Japan, Resident Evil …

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Feb 28

GAME REVIEW: The Darkness 2 (Xbox360/PS3/PC)

Do you have that personal favourite game? You know the one. It’s that game that not too many other people you know have played but it feels like it’s perfect. Like the developers made it specifically for you. Where the story pulls the right strings, the controls feel natural and the stars are aligned and …

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Jan 04

For Love of the Game Episode 5 – The Castlevania Chronicles

It seems everyone is doing a Castlevania bit at the moment. Angry Video Game Nerd did his excellent marathon spanning the first 7 odd games and Egoraptor did his amazing Sequelitis episode on the differences between Castlevania 1 and 2. Irate gamer has done one or two, RPG fanatic did his, basically Youtube is full …

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Dec 01

GAME REVIEW: Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

Ah, do I love me some Mario. He’s the only iconic video game character that doesn’t need a convoluted story or intricate subtext to make a new game. The outings are straight-forward but the level design will make you let out a laugh and even a “damn that’s clever” and you’ll have a smile on …

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Oct 06

Steve Jobs Passes Away at 56

Apple has released an official statement that Steve Jobs has passes away at age 56. It is not know yet as to the cause of death but Jobs, arguably one of the most influential people in technology, has been fighting poor health for many years. In 2003 he was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumour, a form …

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Jul 28

Barkin’ Buddy – The Social Network For Dogs

Now here is something a little unusual, a social network for dogs. I, not being a dog owner myself, immediately thought to myself, “really?” But then I spoke to a friend of mine who is a dog owner and lover and they immediately wanted to know how they could get to it. So what do …

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