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May 03

Tech: How To Make your Netbook Useful Again!

Netbooks have been around for a while now and though some of the new designs may seem like a viable alternative to the current tablets on the market, poor saps like myself that spent good cash on one of the earlier models find ourselves pondering what to do with it now? The earliest of these …

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Apr 14

Roger Ebert’s Inspirational TED Talk – “Remaking My Voice”

There isn’t much I can write that isn’t covered in the embedded video. Earlier this year at TED, film critic Roger Ebert (with help Dean Ornish, John Hunter and his wife Chaz) gave a talk at TED called, “Remaking My Voice”, it was about regaining his voice through technology. We say a little about this …

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Mar 22

Game Review: Homefront

What is it with war games? Why do they sell like mad and build up hype with minimal advertising? It kind of sickens me that an average war game’s release will completely over shadow a decent one’s. Most of these war games are short on substance and tend to end within a few hours, yet …

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Mar 21

Game Review: Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 (Wii)

My I do love surprises. Recently a band I truly hated decided to start making really good music. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories totally blew away my expectations and now another game series has me utterly mesmerised. This time it’s the Cabela series of games who have just written the book on “how to one-up your …

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Mar 20

Game Review: Bulletstorm (360/PS3/PC)

Gaming used to be fun. The experience was about distraction for a small period of time before returning to our mundane day to day tasks. When we look at gaming today some titles seem to forget this, lost somewhere amongst hours of adding layers of eye popping graphics, orchestral scores and big name actors. Don’t …

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Mar 16

Game Review: Back To The Future: The Game (PS3)

The general rule of thumb with movie to video game tie-ins is to avoid like the plague, sterilize any areas they come into contact with and dispose of the offending product in a timely manner. Like all things, there are a few exceptions to this rule like “Spider-Man 2” and the original “Goldeneye” but they …

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