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Jul 28

Barkin’ Buddy – The Social Network For Dogs

Now here is something a little unusual, a social network for dogs. I, not being a dog owner myself, immediately thought to myself, “really?” But then I spoke to a friend of mine who is a dog owner and lover and they immediately wanted to know how they could get to it. So what do …

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Jun 23

Can Nokia Disrupt the Phone Market With The N9?

This week I was invited to a special event to announce Nokia’s new handset the “N9”. The invite for the event claimed, “Nokia to “disrupt” market with new device” so the questions are, 1) will they disrupt the market? and 2) what is the new handset like? Let’s tackle the second question first, what is …

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Oct 20

The Nokia N8 Australian Launch Event

Yesterday Josh and I attended the Nokia Launch event for the new N8, Nokia’s new flagship product. Before we go on I have to stress that this is not a full review for the phone itself as I am currently testing the phone and I will post the full review of the handset in a …

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