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Mar 20

Game Review: Bulletstorm (360/PS3/PC)

Gaming used to be fun. The experience was about distraction for a small period of time before returning to our mundane day to day tasks. When we look at gaming today some titles seem to forget this, lost somewhere amongst hours of adding layers of eye popping graphics, orchestral scores and big name actors. Don’t …

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Feb 05

Geek Games: Psychonauts

For those that don’t read our Geek Flicks posts, a quick explanation is required. Our geek section is a vault of only the best of the best, the geek creme de la creme of films, games and tech that changed history and/or inspired us as geeks to do what we do. These geek treasures may …

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Jan 22

Duke Nukem Forever Gets a Street Date…Finally!

2K games has now announced that the long overdue “Duke Nukem Forever” will be in stores in the US May 3rd, 2011 and in international stores May 6th, 2011. After many promises since 1995, The Duke is finally going to get a chance to kick some alien butt again. I will be first in line. …

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Jan 06

For Love Of The Game Episode 4 – Games of the Decade (The Greats)

So we say goodbye to the year 2010 and in the last ten years we’ve had Xbox and PS2 fight it out over supremacy, Sega ducking out of the race with Dreamcast, Nintendo being flat last to rising to the top with Wii, PSP coming and basically going, the eminent rise of emulation, the next …

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Nov 02

Game Review: Goldeneye (Wii)

The true gaming royalty is a list of undeniable greatness throughout videogaming history. Mario, Halo, Duke Nukem, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Zelda, Doom, Sonic…. let’s face it, the list is quite long now but most of these games have numerous titles in their franchises and their roots have been elaborated on and fleshed out, given …

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Oct 13

For Love Of The Game Episode 3 – The Collector’s Edition

Littered around my room, I have dozens, literally dozens, of collector’s and limited editions of games. Some that even the hardcore crowd are probably unaware of. I’m not the kind of guy who buys a collector’s edition just to have it sit on a mantle and never get touched, oh no. I buy something to …

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