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Jul 01

The All-New Geek Actually Podcast Ep010 – It Was Very Late

Welcome to the All-New Geek Actually Podcast This week’s episode is very late and pretty deep. What started out as a simple review of Jurassic World ended up being a pretty serious discussion about sexism in cinema and the possible over use of the word misogyny. Dave and Richard also share their thoughts on a …

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Jun 27

Nerd Corner Ep08 – Nerd Corner Goes to Supanova

This week on Nerd Corner John Dee is joined by “Rachel the ring-in” due to John Hammond and his time spent in an iron lung. In a special two hour Nerd Corner we discuss all the nerdy happenings that made it onto the trusty notepad and then do a ham fisted segueway to discuss Supanova …

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Jun 13

Podcast Pillowfort Ep14 – Beer, Glorious Beer

In this episode, we talk about whats new and making news in podcastland, we will look at some podcast episodes that have covered one of the two official drinks of Podcast Pillowfort…BEER!  We have a tiny triumph (sort of) to report and we will wrap up with what we’ve learned this week. Grab your headphones, frosty mug, and join us …

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Jun 05

The All-New Geek Actually Podcast Ep009 – Without a Net

Welcome to the All-New Geek Actually Podcast This week we fly without a net and didn’t prepare any show notes. We did manage to find a lot to talk about, including the cancellations of Tron 3 and Stephen King’s It, The Luke Skywalker Hot Toy, George R.R. Martin, Agent Carter, Independence Day 2 casting and …

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May 31

Nerd Corner Ep07 – Back in the Car

Welcome back to nerd Corner where we have already ended up back in a car. This episode, as always we take a look at the nerdy happenings, go on an impromptu revisit of our childhood shows episode and have a half baked conversation about SeaQuest DSV while John Hammond again awaits the arrival of the …

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May 28

The All-New Geek Actually Podcast Ep008 – The Johns

Welcome to the All-New Geek Actually Podcast This week we take on the gangs in our feature review of “Mad Max: Fury Road”. We also discuss Skynet, Apple Watch Porn, Netflix and Star Trek. This is the All-New Geek Actually Podcast, the podcast about nothing and everything filtered through the geek perspective. Hosted by: David McVay …

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