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Jun 27

Nerd Corner Ep08 – Nerd Corner Goes to Supanova

This week on Nerd Corner John Dee is joined by “Rachel the ring-in” due to John Hammond and his time spent in an iron lung. In a special two hour Nerd Corner we discuss all the nerdy happenings that made it onto the trusty notepad and then do a ham fisted segueway to discuss Supanova …

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May 31

Nerd Corner Ep07 – Back in the Car

Welcome back to nerd Corner where we have already ended up back in a car. This episode, as always we take a look at the nerdy happenings, go on an impromptu revisit of our childhood shows episode and have a half baked conversation about SeaQuest DSV while John Hammond again awaits the arrival of the …

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May 19

Nerd Corner Ep06 – Nerds on the Road

Welcome to Geek Actually network debut of Nerd Corner. The nerdy podcast that’s been rebooted and relaunched more times than Windows ’98. In this weeks episode hosts John Dee and John Hammond present “Nerds in a car” as John Hammonds car breaks down en route to recording at JDs house. We discuss three weeks worth …

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Nov 30

Film Actually Bonus: Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser Reaction

A Bonus for you guys! The first teaser trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens has arrived and this is our reaction to the splendid work of a Mr. J.J. Abrams. We discuss the teaser and what it all means to us, the geeks of Geek Actually. Haven’t seen the teaser yet?!? Watch it below. …

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Nov 28

Film Actually Ep103 – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

This week The Stand gets the multi film treatment, Steve Jobs dropped from Sony and a movie legend dies. Plus we review another un-reviewable film The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.  Film Actually is the official movie podcast of geekactually.com. Hosts: David McVay, Dave Longo and Richard Gray If you are an iTunes user, please leave a …

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Nov 17

Film Actually Ep102 – Interstellar

We’re Back Again Bitches!?!? This week Kevin Smith’s new film “Tusk” goes into our Point/Counterpoint sights, “The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies” gets a new trailer, we finally got to see the new documentary “Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films” and we review Christopher Nolan’s new epic “Interstellar”. Film Actually is the official …

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